The current CircumBurke route starts at Sherburne Lodge at Burke  Mountain with an initial counterclockwise mini-loop on Red Trail and Lower J Bar. Then the main circuit heads out again from the Sherburn Lodge via the Shire trail, circumnambulating Burke and Umpire mountains.  The route is only open on event day, each year.

Initial Loop: Starting in Lodge parking lot climb Red trail to Lower J-Bar. Descend Lower J-Bar back to bottom of chairlift in front of Sherburne Lodge.

Climb/Descent#1: From Shire Trail and climb toward Camptown and the CCC Road climb which reaches 2200 feet altitude.

Feed Zone #1 is a water only stop near the top of the CCC Road Climb

At the CCC Road /V.A.S.T Trail  intersection, turn right and descend into Victory for ¾ mile until it flattens out (Achtung!) Steep with deep waterbars and leaves). Make sharp left over a large bridge with a gate onto a flat state logging trail. After 1 Mile CircumBurkers must portage and hop over Weir Mill Brook (No Bridge ).

Climb/Descent #2:
 1/4 Mile after the bridgeless Weir Mill Brook portage, enter Victory Hill trail system and climb to 1800 ft elevation across pallet bridge, to the Victory Hill Log landing and reach Feed Zone #2.

Feed Zone #2: At the base of “Stairway to Heaven at upper log landing  on Victory Hill (with westerly views of Burke Mountain) 

Continue climbing from log landing on “Stairway to Heaven” Trail until reaching from the Upper “Mac Attack” Trail after 1 km merge left onto to Clodhopper Trail o(1st Strava Enduro Section) continue onto “Brook Trail” down to Weir Mill Brook.

Climb/Descent #3: Climb Poutine trail by following the arrows upwards for 3/4 mile the bear left and ten climb on Leifs Trail (where the switchbacks are machine built) and head down McGill’s Thrills (2nd Strava Enduro section) for a long 2 mile descent back to “the field” and Feed Zone #3.

Feed Zone # 3: The main feedzone located at the south end of the field at Victory Hill.

Return to East Burke: Head back towards East Burke via a gravel pit, to the infamous “Gold Trail” to the North Pasture Trail,

Feed Zone #4 is after the Gold Trail meets North Pasture Trail  at a wide open log landing.

Continue on North Pasture Trail to Trillium, MacGill Fields, into final trail sequence.

Feed Zone #5: On Pinkham Rd. at Kingdom Farm Lodge

Continue from Kingdom Farm Lodge to Parrs Yard Trail to Sherburne Lodge on Roly Grail to the START /FINISH AT SHERBURNE LODGE. PLEASE CROSS THE FINISH LINE SO WE KNOW YOU ARE NOT LOST ON THE COURSE.

CircumBerzerkers do not ride to the start/finish or use the initial Red Trail/J-Bar loop when beginning their second lap. They will turn up Camptown and begin their second lap without descending to the start/finish area.

Feed Zones
Water in cups or directly from a cooler and an assortment of simple foods ranging for energy bars, bagels, VT made specialties, bananas, oranges and chips.  If you require special food or beverages, please bring them.

*Exact distance pending course finalization.


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