The CircumBurke route changes slightly from year to year according to conditions. Detailed maps of the route are not published before the event.

The starts is at Sherburne Lodge on Burke  Mountain circles counterclockwise around Burke and Umpire mountains.

Vermont’s Department of Forests Parks and Recration has allowed bikers to use the state logging trails which connect Burke Mountain to the Victory Hill trails only on event day, each year.  Beginning in 2018, the State will levy a $4 surcharge on all CircumBurkers to fund remediation of trail damage, statewide.

Feed Zones

Water, directly from a cooler, and an assortment of simple foods ranging for energy bars, bagels, VT made specialties, bananas, oranges and chips.  You must fil your own water bottle or camelback. NO cups provided.  If you require special food or beverages, please bring them.

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