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    1. Hi Hans As I think (i better check again) the registration page should indicate that.number pickup and walkon reg (if there are spaces) start at 730 and closes around 900AM..the 50 miler goes off at 9, the main MTB wave at 10 and the runners at 1015.
      Hope to see you there.

  1. This sounds like an awesome day. Am I reading this correctly that athletes can enter EITHER the mtn bike OR the run? Is there a category for 1 lap on the bike and THEN 1 lap running? Thank you.

    1. Hi Frederick:

      Glad you are interested in the CircumBurke, a tough race and definitely an EITHER- OR situation because the marshals and feeders will be exhausted after 5-6 hours of manning their stations on the trail. Bikers are averaging 3hrs 30 minutes and runners averaging 5 hours meaning an average bike/run attempt would come in after 6:30 PM when everyone has gone home, and it is dark and cold.

      We hope to see you out there!


  2. Just to clarify…is the Mountain Bike distance 50Miles?
    Are both the bike and the run 26Miles?
    Just confused by a couple of the responses
    Many thanks and hope to be there for the event

    1. The MTB event is 26. The running event (marathon) is 26 . There may also be shorter18 miler options offered for bikes and runners. There is no 50 miler. You cannot do both bike and run.

  3. I’m somewhat of a newbie to MTB and have bar-ends on my bike. So far I like them. They do allow for more hand positions. Are they permitted for this year’s race, this Sunday? Thanks.

    1. I think there are plenty of bar end using MTB riders. I don’t see whey not. Of course, if you are talking about clip-on bars…that would be dangerous. Hope to see you out there..

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