MTB Challenge

October 14, 2017
In Memory of Dave Blumenthal
Voted Vermont’s Best MTB Race in 2014,  2015 and 2016 by Vermont Sports readers
  • This annual MTB and trail running ritual follows an epic and brutal 26+ mile circuit around Burke and Umpire mountains on Kingdom Trails singletrack. The two lap “CircumBerzerk” 52+ miler for bikes is also offered.

Start/Finish Venue: 223 Sherburne Lodge Rd, East Burke, VT 05832

MTB Challenge: 1 Lap 26.2 miles, Start @10 AM, Men & Women
MTB CircumBerzerk*: 2 Laps 52miles, Start @8 AM, Men/Women 6K+ ft of with a time cut – not for casual endurance riders.
Marathon Trail Run : 1 Lap 26.2+/- miles, Start@8 AM  RUNNERS REGISTER

Course Capacity (Field Limit) is 500 bikers and 500 runners.

* A 3:20 minute first lap time cut-off for CircumBerzerkers is in place.  Riders over this limit will be listed as finishers of the one lap event.

Registration:$55 until 8/31, $65 until 9/30,  $75 until close of online registration on Wednesday, Oct 11, 2016 at midnight.  Friday registration and number pickup will be at Kingdom Ttails in East Burke from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. Saturday event day registration is $85.

Runners’ register at

Refund Policy: No refunds, however entrants, who cannot attend, may substitute another participant’s name for for theirs online at or until Wednesday October 11th at midnight. by emailing .

Bibs/Numbers Pick-up at Kingdom Trails in East Burke on Friday Night  from 5:30 to 8:30 or onsite until 30 minutes before your event. Paper frameplate numbers for bikes. Pin on shirtfront numbers for runners.

Course:  26 miles or thereabouts .Ride around Burke and Umpire mountains on KingdomTrails and through the Victory Hill Sector 

Results and Timing: Surviving the CircumBurke is a great achievement. Raffle prizes are donated by our sponsors, unofficial courtesy timing and results are posted online the day after the event, to honor your suffering. Complete results will NOT be furnished immediately after the event, due to electricity and volunteer constraints..

Enduro Leaderboard: Two self-service enduro classifications will be generated by users over “Clodhopper”and a new trail called “McGill’s Thrills”  (after second feed zone and climb) . The app utilizes smart phones or other GPS devices activated to time users and generate a  “leaderboard” showing the times of Strava users over designate segments of the event.

Feed Zones (4): Water in cups or directly from a cooler and an assortment of food from local producers or local markets (bars, bagels, VT made specialties, bananas, oranges and chips).  If you require special food or beverages, please bring them.

Course Marking/Signage: RED is the dominant marking color along CircumBurke route. (Red diamonds with black arrows, blank red diamonds or red wooden signs with white arrows) as well as white foam-board signs with red or black arrows reading, “CircumBurke”, which will be employed at major turns. Brush piles & tape are used to block intersections.  Don’t jump these!

Rules for All Participants: Safety first and use common sense!

  • PASSING ETIQUETTE:  Faster runners may overtake slower cyclists on uphill sections and be repassed by cyclists on downhills. Please call out politely when passing by alerting the other athlete by saying “passing on your right” or “on your left“,  beforehand. Be courteous. If you are being passed, do your best to move aside
  • DO NOT LITTER in this pristine corner of Vermont. Keep your spent GU packs in your pockets.
  • NO DOGS out of respect for landowners along the way.
  • DRIVE SLOWLY AND BE POLITE TO THE LOCALS WHEN COMMUTING TO EVENT: No rally driving enroute to the race. Favorable impressions by the local community are essential for this event to continue.
  • PREPARE FOR ADVERSITY: Bikers bring a spare tube, pump or CO2 cartridge, chaintool and allen keys. No in-situ mechanical support. Packing an extra layer and possibly a raincoat for both runners and cyclist may avoid  misfortune.
  • CROSS THE FINISH LINE upon returning to let us know that you’ve returned safely. Don’t shortcut to your car.

Lunches: Don’t lose your ticket. Friends & family can be purchase them.

The prize raffles include a modest assortment of product schwag from the CircumBurke’s generous and faithful sponsors. Two raffles will occur; the first at around 2:30 for those who have finished already and the second raffle at 3:30 pm for those who spend a little longer on the course.  This way, everyone is accommodated and appreciated regardless of finish time.

Emergencies: Bike “sweepers” will follow the main CircumBurke and Mountain Running waves. Emergency personnel will also be stationed at key points along the course in the case that you need assistance. If you have an emergency or see an injured participant please call the following numbers and/or try to ask another participant to notify someone at the nearest food/aid station (every 4-6 miles) or marshal the road crossings (in East Burke only).

Bike Recommendations:  Hardtail or full suspension cross country MTBs and Fat Bikes are all suited to various sectionss of the course. The singletracks are not suitable for Cyclocross bikes. It can be very muddy on the Gold Trail section of the course, depending on the weather. Some riders have used very fat MTB tires but most opt for tires in the 2.0 range with tread patterns matched to the weather/surface moisture conditions.[/embed