Dave Blumenthal

The CircumBurke remembers Dave Blumenthal, a Vermont endurance athlete, adventurer, industrial and exhibit designer, writer and artist who was killed by a truck in Northwestern Colorado, while competing in the 2010 Tour Divide, a 2,745 mile, self-supported MTB race across the spine of the Rockies, from Canada to Mexico.

Dave loved plotting new trails on Class IV roads and trails.  With  his wife, Lexi Shear, he hiked, biked, and skied on rugged routes  including the Long Trail, the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and competing in the Canadian Ski Marathon .  Generous with his time and ideas, Dave was an active Green Mountain Club (GMC) Board Member who taught GMC courses, wrote books, and designed many of its’ educational materials. He co-founded the GMC’s Young Adventurers Club, to bring young children to the outdoors.  Dave was never around to ride the CircumBurke, but we feel that this rugged adventure route would make him smile. More information about Dave is on his website at: http://type2fun.wordpress.com

fleche-2010-003 Blumenthal


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