Congratulations to the nearly 400 survivors of the 2014 CIRCUMBURKE (MOUNTAIN RUN or MTB  CHALLENGE)


After a  soggy week, the skies parted on lucky October 25th, and bathed the CircumBurkers in sunshine. Nearly 400 mountain runners and bikers survived . Hats and helmets off to all of you!

This year’s CIrcumBurke MTB Challenge covered 25 miles, while twenty “CircumBerzerkers” attempted the 2 lap endurance feat on bikes. The Mountain Runners and CircumBurke 18ers used a an abbreviated 18 mile route.  By 11AM the trail surfaces were drying out and provided more than an hour of fun singletrack riding in Victory. Only fair to say ..however that the 2014 C’Burke was brutal. Some claim that it was the hardest 25 miles they’d ever done. With 3000+ feet of slick slogging over Bennett Road in Kirby plus two climbs on the shoulder of Umpire Mountain, many cyclists were already exhausted by the time they rolled into the second carb/ sugar station  in Victory . What awaited them on the Gold Trail this year has been likened to the infamous WWII retreat from Bataan Island.  Treacherous mud.  Nevertheless, most athletes, emerged from the morass to finish gloriously in East Burke. For those who did not,  we hope you will to try again next year.

To our surprise many fat bikers reported being relatively unbothered by the mud and able to ride the wettest climbs and Gold Trail with relative ease. Ditto for the “Zen” Mountain Running contingent who rarely seem to be bothered, except perhaps being buzzed by mountain bikers on a narrow descent.

2014 Leaderboard

CircumBerzerk 50-mile  (2 laps)
5:48:43 !   Kristopher Dennan (Kona)

Mountain Running Champions
2:45:14    Laurie   Greenberg,  2:30:13    Greg    Kotzbayer

CircumBurke 25 MTB
3:06:07    Jane    LeMasurier, 2:38:44    Jacob    Harris

CircumBurke 25 FatBike
3:24:15 Ben Norris

CircumBurke 25 Singlespeed
2:47:24 Brian Lyster

CircumBurke 18  
2:54:42    Ann    Hoogenboom , 2:43:41    Ryan     Donohue

Clodhopper Enduro Segment
6:52.00 Jane Le Masurier, 5:55.00 Ron Colavolpe

Leif’s 2 Enduro Segment
5:37   Jane Le Masurier , 4:50  Jesse Thompson, Christian Gauvin,

Complete timing data click here

Herb Swanson’s professional photos can be purchased  click here
John McGill’s photos in Victory click here

Mark Tucker’s Blog on MTBVT 
And, once again, thank you everyone from Kingdom Trails, Conservation Collaboratives, and the Burke Chamber of Commerce who worked so hard on this event.   Also, big thanks to our sponsors who provided local food on the course, incredible raffle prizes, and necessary resources for the event.

Feedback please!
Please take our 3 question survey to help us plan for next year.  Unlike the CircumBurke, it is short and sweet.  click here

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